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DIYer's corner

Tinkerer zone

Weather by You! launch this zone for new users wanting to go farther. This section will talk to curious Weather by You users, smart and searching with great interest site with smal recipes easy to implement.

He plans to install its own Personal Weather Website (or he already started) with a great free software... Cumulus. The possibility of the software made him dreaming of a high-level site with maps and interactives graphs.

Tinkerer is not affraid of unknown lands and roll up its sleeves gratefully for a few hours of fun at keyboard! But its time is precious and long hours passednose in the books has no charm for him. He's an action and realisation oriented person!

He found new technology delightful:

  • Php
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • etc...

With a good tutorial, he is affraided of nothing!

Tinkerer equipment:

Weather by You DIYer has access minimaly to this equipement:

  • A FTP transfer program (ex. Kamzy or Filezilla).
  • A good text editor (Notepad++ or other).
  • A website with Php v5.x and MySQL activated.
  • An Ftp access to his website.
  • Cumulus v1.9 or most recent

Then, if you are a Tinkerer in mind, install softwares mentionned above and verify you hosting contract to be sure that you have access to PHP and MySQL!... And watch our new section DIYer's corner!

Now! If you're a bit adventurer... let's begin!