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Html Templates / Re: Weather Blues Template - Local Time Analog Display
« Last post by Thanawart on April 19, 2018, 04:28:05 AM »
This is what I have to say is right with you.
Php templates / Re: template sky, syntax error,
« Last post by Andy9164 on April 03, 2018, 04:44:00 AM »
Hi Riccardo,
I did some tests last night and downloaded Weather Sky template and loaded on to my test webserver.

I got Cumulus to process the data files and I could not see any errors, I didnt get syntax error or even any error log from my Apache server, so I am a little confused now.

I did see some things were not formatted correctly due to changes in Cumulus MX but pages loaded fine, no problem. Do you have a website address so I can take a look.

Promote your site! / Re: New site in Vallirana, Spain (Cataluña)
« Last post by Kaikagaga on April 02, 2018, 03:28:01 AM »
Hi all,

I installed my Fine Offset WH1080 last week and finished the setup of my website this week, using WeatherBlue template.
I translated most of the content into Spanish and added a PHP layer to monitor a couple of elements.

The URL is :

Enjoy it and do not hesitate to provide feedbacks.


yes here are feedback missing other langauge (english)
This review is the best.
Php templates / Re: template sky, syntax error,
« Last post by Andy9164 on April 01, 2018, 01:09:38 PM »
Hi Riccardo,
What weather software are you running.

If running Cumulus please post which version and if running original Cumulus V1 (Windows PC) or Cumulus MX (on PC, Pi, Linux etc.)

There were some major changes on how Cumulus handled characters for time date etc. in MX version. I downloaded Weather Sky template and on default version Line 486 this is first time there might be a conflict due to using new formatting as it has old style "h".

 I had a similar issues on Weather Blues 2 when I changed to Cumuilus MX on a Raspberry Pi. The new formatting also caused badly formatted dates and times i other areas.

Also you could download Notepad++ (Its free and very helpful) and paste here say lines 480 to 490 and I will try and help.

As an example, here is line 486 on the original Weather Blues template

$TtempHF = $pre_time.'<#TtempH format="h'h'nn">'.$pre_date.'<#TtempH format="d ">'.$Tr_monthnames['<#TtempH format="m">'].'<#TtempH format=" yyyy">';

here is what I had to change it to

$TtempHF = $pre_time.'<#TtempH format="HH':'mm">'.$pre_date.'<#TtempH format="dd ">'.$Tr_monthnames['<#TtempH format="%M">'].'<#TtempH format="' 'yyyy">';

If you are using Cumulus MX ( I suspect you are) here is a link to the Cumulus website explaining the differences.
(Scroll down until you see yellow section)

Let me know if I can help you further as there are other changes

Also if you want to take a look at what I found This was using the old format This was using the new formatted version I did.


Php templates / template sky, syntax error,
« Last post by Solocielo62 on March 27, 2018, 04:10:30 AM »
Hi,  when I try to launch weather Sky I receive this error message:

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'h' (T_STRING) in C:\xampp\htdocs\sky\wt_data_inc.php on line 486"

 can someone help me to understand what is the problem? Thank you
Php templates / Re: Weather Blue NWS script is not working
« Last post by CurtisZM on March 14, 2018, 06:19:44 AM »
No problem. All goes to Ken True and Mike Challis for updating the script.
Php templates / Re: Weather Blue NWS script is not working
« Last post by Mr.Meteo on March 12, 2018, 11:57:23 AM »
Hi Curtis,

Thanks for this fix.  8)

Php templates / Re: Weather Blue NWS script is not working **Fixed**
« Last post by CurtisZM on March 10, 2018, 09:11:44 AM »
I think I have it fix. Give it a try and see.

1. Make sure you save a copy of your original advance2.php file.

2. Download advforecast2.txt. Once downloaded, make sure to change .txt to .php.

3. Change $NOAAZone to your location. See photo below

4. Copy your $filename URL from your original advforecast2.php and paste it into the new advforecast.php file. See photo below.

5. Upload the updated file to your server. Hope it works!! :)
Php templates / Weather Blue NWS script is not working
« Last post by CurtisZM on March 04, 2018, 08:05:58 PM »
Just to let everyone know that the NWS forecast script is not functioning. I believe Ken True just sent out an updated script for his Saratoga webpage. Not the best at code. Please assist. Thank you.
Php templates / Re: Monthly Record on Weather Blue Template Not Showing Data
« Last post by Andy9164 on February 12, 2018, 07:47:37 AM »
Glad we could work it out.

Now you mention the fix, it does ring a bell. I think there are other posts in the forum on the same subject.

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