Author Topic: Cumulus creating wt_data_inc.phptmp and not overwriting wt_data_inc.php  (Read 1675 times)

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Cumulus is writing a new file called 'wt_data_inc.phptmp' but not OVERwriting the existing 'wt_data_inc.php' file. It is then sending the original 'wt_data_inc.php' file by ftp, which contains old data (getting older every time) so the website never looks updated. It states 'Conditions at local time... ' and then the time of the datestamp on the (never-updated) 'wt_data_inc.php' file. In this case, it is always Friday 24th July at 13:14 (which is the last time I had to manually remove the 'tmp' and rename the file before sending it to my server by Filezilla.

I have again, just renamed the latest tmp file to remove the 'tmp', converting it back to php. I then opened it in an editor to see what was being written to it. So the new tmp file created on 25th July 2020 at 15:20, contains data from the weather station as at 24th July 2020 at 13:14. From this information, I am surmising that the file is going to the server ok, and tmp is being renamed to remove the tmp, but is the site still shows old weather, because Cumulus is always writing old weather (stuck at 24/7/20 @ 13:14) into the file.

Any ideas why Cumulus is not updating the 'wt_data_inc.php' file correctly so that my template can show the correct conditions/time? It looks like there is no tag processing taking place.

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