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New Tide Section Added
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:17:27 PM »
Hi everyone,

A couple of changes to my website.

There is a new section for "Tides". The UK Admiralty now have a free developers API where you can download tide information for UK ports. With BIG THANKS to Mark Crossley over at the Cumulus forum I was able to manage to produce the following (Mark did all the work, I just took what he did and made some small modifications to fit in with my site theme). Tide is updated every hour and gives predictions for approximately 7 days.

If you click on the tides button in the top left you can see other ports which are local or have some interest for me.

I also changed my Forecast pages. The nice people at Wunderground who are now owned by IBM have decided to change the free API so you can now only get a 5 day forecast, no hourly forecast, no satellite images, no radar images so for my forecast I have moved across to (its a free API unless you make over 1,000 calls per day). It wasnt too difficult to switch and it provides the information I need. Click on the forecast button at the top and select 8-day or hourly.