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Promote your site user's guidance
« on: August 17, 2012, 11:39:04 AM »
Dear members,

This thread is a kind of "postcard board" to present your site.

You could talk about yourself, station and template used, customizations and enhancements
that you're proud of! (for someone it could be just to success installation without firing his Pc.  ;D)
Also place is welcome to let us dream about your place!!  ;)

Dear readers,

Keep in mind that Weather by You! is intended for little to no web knowledge!
Then, be positive, friendly and respectfull for what user is proud to have been successful.
If you have some suggestions, constructive criticism use private mail or post on other category.

Being proud of what we do is a long road in personnal weather broadcasting!  ;D

Best regards,

Your friendly Weathermaster,
Please, consider supporting this site