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I've got a few questions that I'll post here if I may, and I'll added to it as more pop up :)
First one :)
How do I change it so the local clock so it actually shows the local time? (I've managed to change the text)

Hi Uncle_Bob,

First, welcome at my home (site) in St-Ours, Quebec, Canada... as you already know (in template clock).

To be a little "teacher" in my template, I've let the clock as it was created. By that fact you have to put hands in the mud and learn a few! The trick is fairly simple, for clock, you have 2 .js file in folder js :
 - clockt.js
 - clockp.js ("P" for parameters)

You edit clockp.js, it's really simple, you'll find inside 14 parameters with clear names. The one that interest you is mytimezone. Actually, it's set for Montréal, Quebec, Canada (-5). You just have to change it with number corresponding to your timezone!

As simple as that!

Your friend,

Thanks my friend, I'll give that a shot.

Edit: Done! Note though, I had to change DST to 1 ;)
Double edit: To be clear for others, this "js" folder is in the js folder on your web server.

Next thing I've got to do is change the images on the "About page" with the Google one looking a little difficult :)

Hi Bob,

In good template there is always a few little thing to understand to become better in "Webmastering". :D

For your personal map, you go on Google maps, locating adress you want. Adapt zoom as you wish, to show farther or closer to your coordinates. Then locate on map a piece of chain representing "link". By clicking on it, Google will open a window offering you shorted link or a complete link.

That longest link is supposed to start with something like <iframe width="450px"...
Copy the entire link, and replace link in infos.htm page. Take care, Google offer a bigger frame then what you need... Keep size from template.

If you want a pinpoint, you have to "name" an exact (precise) complete adress (Google adress).

I know that Google have different "look", depend on country... I hope that these guidance apply to you.

Friendly tours,

Ps is your name Bob?


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