Author Topic: New site with No-ip Redirection problem  (Read 663 times)

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New site with No-ip Redirection problem
« on: March 09, 2017, 02:29:04 PM »
I have just updated my site at to the Weather Blue template, everything appears to be working well and I'm happy with how it looks now. The only problem I have is that I use No-Ip to redirect the site from to the actual location of

I had previously been able to configure the site so that the redirection would mask the actual address of the site, so that a visitor would only see in the address bar. Now when I try and set up No-Ip to do this the visitor just sees a blank page, or gets a message saying that this page is unable to be displayed. I believe that this is because the template uses frames, and the redirection also adds a frame.

Has anyone else come across this issue before? I would love to hear any suggestions on how to solve it.