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Hi Jacques, I'm involved in Italian translation.
I've got a question:
It's possible, when I select a page already translated, to view what has been already translated or not?
I select the page "NOW" [I have already translated it] but the italian translation on the page are all blank/empty, so I can't check if I have rightly translated some phrase.
I select the page "TODAY" and start translating, if I don't complete the translation, next time I select the page "TODAY" I don't know/remember what phrases have already been translated.

Thank you.


Sorry, I've not build any "modification' facilities... tu cut time at (more than) minimum.
To produce something good in a short time, we have to "cut corners"  :oops:

I've planned translation to be on  5 mins or less page. Pages contain around 30-40 word each.
Then, sure your pages is saved individually, complete or not! But no modification possible for now!

I've copied below, content of Now Page that you begin earlier ("accents" could look weird, but it's normal)
If they are ok, you could just ignore them and I'll try to merge them "by hands". :ugeek:

Thanks to take some times for Cumulus Community!


Page title  : Condizioni attuali
 welcome  : Benvenuto a
 forecast   : Tempo previsto
Temp And Hum : Temperatura e umiditÃ
Title Press  : Pressione (livello del mare)
Pressure  : Pressione
Title SunAndMoon : Effemeridi
sunrise : Il sole sorge
sunset : Il sole tramonta
 dawn  : Alba
 dusk  : Crepuscolo
moonrise : La luna sorge
moonset : La luna tramonta
daylength : Durata del giorno
daylight length : Durata della luce
latitude : Latitudine
longitude : Longitudine
altitude : Altezza

If I re-write again all the empty phrase of "NOW" web page, the database goes in trouble?

Hi BoneS,

There is no problem to enter same page more then one time.
And as I wrote earlier, I'll merge duplicates if needed.

Database do only "adding", no modify or delete available.
Then feel free to enter it your way, nothing could be lost!

Thanls for your time,

Hi, I write here the progress of italian translation
-page "NOW" completed/done

next time I translate a page, I will translate the whole page from beginning to the end page so You have not to merge "manually"


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