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I'm new to this but enjoying learning!

I have loaded the template and it looks great, however I am having problems with the trends page, in the original load that I did I simply got the standard graphs with no data updating, I read through all of the posts and it seems other have had similar issues but they have resolved by checking the files that have been uploaded. I did the same yesterday and it appeared to have resolved the problem however I noticed this morning that whilst the graphs showed accurate data for the previous 24 hours, they were not updating,just showing the same correct data up to 7.50pm yesterday. I checked the timestamps on the HTML pages and the graphs pages were consistent with others which were working. I have now done another upload and I am stuck on the standard graphs again which will not update. I also tried a test to reload the original Cumulus pages and everything is fine.

Anyone got any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance



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