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 for weather stations using Cumulus software

Weather station hardware manufacturer

This is a real brief list of available weather stations on the market. Surely, it exist a lot of other manufacturers, but we have limited choices to trusted brands for compatibility with broadest array of software.

Professional(*) Stations :

Personal Stations :

  • La Crosse : A leader of the pack, with a lot of models gor general public
  • Oregon Scientific : The other leader, its WMR968 model was a reference!
  • National Geographic : The basic model, made by Fine Offset.
  • Honeywell :An other inexpensive brand, but not widely available.

Others :

  • Fine Offset : A Chinese manufacturer distributed, on many brands!
  • Ambient Weather : A retailer importing Fine Offset to offer cheap model with its own brand.

(*)While many manufacturer claim their stations as "Professional" or "Pro Serie" to point on complete stations, we will define "Pro" on price (+$500). Real Professional Stations (+$1000) are not taken in account in this site.