Now things are Simple!

 for weather stations using Cumulus or pywws

Not so Simple... to choose!

Weather byYou! had already launch 4 exclusive templates to give to your site a professional and fresh look. For Cumulus: Sunny Weather for basic weather sites, Weather Sky first multilingual template, Weather Blues offered in 2 versions; basic html or full php, and Weather Nature for pywws. These templates give you choice on 2 different platform; Cumulus for Windows and pywws for Linux.

But it's just the begining! I've recently presented Weather Eden as the next template to be launched... very soon, but it's not all! Today, I give a brand new preview of the latest idea "on oven" presently... 4 unique Weather Templates to choose from! An other reason to say... Weather byYou! is the right place to find a quality weather site template!

Difficult to choose between them? Just take our Template Showcase and view all our templates current and future in a carousel... real size!

See our new Cumulus Template Showcase! Many templates in real mode! HERE

Now, things wil be Simple!

That is the slogan of my new site! Things are not so simple when you want to establish your first weather site.

  • Am I putting the weather sensors in the right place?
  • Which equipement to choose?
  • On the software side, which is the best?
  • Is it difficult to operate?

Those are the kind of questions that I'll address.

There is so much to consider, and your brother-in-law is quite good with computers, but talk to him about weather sensors, software or realtime data and you'll see him real mixed up. With this sites help, you'll be able to put your weather data online in a standard template, in less then an hour!

On Météo du Québec I've done a lot of translations and adaptations for French users all over the globe. Soon many other "non-English" users joined us and a translation Team has been created to adapt the newest template projects into 12 different languages. Those templates were so popular that soon an international site become a necessity, so Weather by You is taking place to share our work with the entire planet.

Software base :

To have weather data, we need a weather station and a software; the "weather engine". After searching a long time to see all available sotwares, my choice turned on Cumulus. This software has a large user base and a living community to help newcomers. But most important, Cumulus provide numerous weather data and is open to other languages with its "file processing" capabilities.

You will see a lot of development for Cumulus on this site. From languages file to complete weather website templates, all that on a free basis. Sharing with you, how easy it can be to build a site from the ground up with Cumulus... with help from Weather byYou!

pywws for Linux

Weather byYou! is proud to announce support for pywws - Python software for USB Wireless WeatherStations. This software developed on Linux, will be now in center of a new project... Weather without Pc! With a tiny footprint, this software is installable on small embedded Linux devices. Weather by you is running it's first weather website on a simple router!

You can see on that link, our first and exclusive template available for all pywws installations. Weather Nature is a light template to show this amazing software... without Pc!

A new section is now completely devoted to pyww, you could visit it on that link

Yours, webmaster,
Jacques DesRoches