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 for weather stations using Cumulus software

About this site

My new hobby :

As a computer professional, I was in search of a brand new experience in the computer world. With all those softwares and hardware always better and more friendly-user each year, finding a challenge was a challenge by itself! At work, I have to maintain automation devices and find it diffcult to operate. Then I've tried to merge my career needs... to that search of a new hobby!

I finally find a domain in expansion, amateur weather diffusion. As weather hardware is becoming cheaper and more powerful, many hobbyist considered to build a weather station. Then, as my village is badly covered by national weather reports, I find it could be useful for my neighbors. I've started to play with weather data in july 2010 with my first (local) site : Météo St-Ours. This site give me opportunity to find where things could be improved.

Having quickly discovered that it is not so easy to have an interesting weather site, then I decided to launch another site to share my experience on a national base : Météo du Québec was born. Many French users not comfortable with English needed assistance, adaptation and translations to access that area and offer to their communities, weather site in their own language.

Many projects were made and French exclusives enhancements launched! At that point non-French users contact me about other then French versions. Many pack have been translated and created in English to join as many users as possible. Finally, a translation project took place in Meteo du Quebec to reach finally more then 10 other languages!

But this French site was not any more adequate accomodate all these languages, that's why this site is born... join by English common language... all others who simply want a quality site in their own langauge!

Then, for all around the world, Welcome to you!

Jacques DesRoches,
Your Friendly Webmaster!