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New Horizon Adaptive template: 3 in 1!


Dear members,

With html5 now supported in all current browsers, some new things
could be done to have a better website, for all devices available.

So, I've done some work on Weather Horizon Template to experience
a new way to show weather site, depending on screen size. Visitors
could see site with 3 different skins: Desktop, Tablet or phone.

This technique is known as Reactive Design, a way to adjust content
to screen resolution or browser window size.

You could give it a spin at: http://weatherbyyou.com/demo/weather_horizon/

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Great idea....thanks for sharing !

Is the plan now a Blue V3?!?!?!!


Hello Jacques,
Do you think to make this template downloadable soon ?
I'm trying CumulusMX and want to completely renew my actual website : http://legheer.be
Would be very fun to have acess to something completely different as your New Horizon template or  Weather Green ( seemed to be out of project at all as I could read for Weather winds)

In any case, some php stuff will take place on this project, but ..... preference to first choice : New Horizon

Bonjour Michel,

New Horizon Template is a work in progress project, I learn reactive techniques
as I create that Template, but the phone (smallest screen) design give me
some (inspiration) headache.

So, sorry, nothing new, in a short delay.



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