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NEWBIE - Pywws Weather Nature Template Help

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Good Evening!!

First post, go easy!  :)

I have been working on my weather station project for some time and been following some of the great topics and advice on here! I have got the Maplin USB Weather Station and followed the guide over on Dragon Tail http://www.weather.dragontail.co.uk/index.php?page=station_setup so far so good!

I haven't had many setbacks as yet (touch wood)... Download the Pywws Weather Nature Template and followed the READ.ME file and put them on my IIS7 web server (FTPing from the RPi to web server entered FTP details in the weather.ini). I have attached a screenshot of what is in my web directory.

The issue I have and it's possibly something stupid but it's displaying the header image and 'Observations of last' section but that's it. No left side bar or anything. Please feel free to take a look and see what I'm on about: http://weather.stephens-mail.co.uk/

Thank you in advance!

Hi Jake, not sure I'll be much help as I don't use Pywss but from your image you seem to be missing a the plot and text folders and the weather ini doesn't look as if its uploaded.

Hi Ecce!

I'll have a go at putting those two directories in the web root but going by the READ.ME file it says the plot and text files need to go in the Pywws directory on the RPi which I have done.

2-Copy files and <folders> to your website:
  - index.php
  - styles.css
  - <data>
  - <images>

3-Copy these <folders> to your pywws folder:
  - <plot>
  - <text>

Regards to the weather.ini I have reattached it :)

See, I said I probably wasn't going to be much help lol.

Am sure you'll get this sorted soon ;)

Aha! Thank you for the sanity check, I'm sure I wasn't going mad...  ;D


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